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All our trees are sorted according to their height and visual quality. According to these parameters they are divided into three classes - prime, elegant and noble. As much as possible we allow the trees to do their own job. Our part of the job is to nurture their growth and protect nature with as little manipulation as possible. 

We follow the international rules as well as the highest standards to protect the nature.



We are so dedicated to our work that we allow ourselves to compare our production of Christmas trees to wine production: When producing good wine the right piece of land must be identified. Soil and climate conditions must perfectly fit the choice of grape to make a great wine. The same goes for Christmas trees; All the basic conditions must be in place, and Denmark represents these conditions for growing of Nordmann Christmas trees. But only with our long expertise and 8-10 years of dedicated work we can secure the best end result for you and your customers, from our optimized land around Carlslund Plantations. 

From "birth" the tree requires care and attention to grow strong and symmetrical. This is in everyones interest, as it eliminates production loss and low quality trees for you as client. 


Through close cooperation with selected plant consultants on constant look-out for new plants we secure genuine breeds and identity the plant material of the highest quality to allow us to grow the most genuine and original Nordmann trees on the market.








Global G.A.P certified
Carlslund Plantage is a part of the Global G.A.P organisation
of The Global Partnership of Good Agricultual Practice.

 Carlslund Plantage

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