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-  Is our philosophy and motto

A deal includes 3 parties - the producer, the importer and the consumer. These three parties must all have a good experience and a good products to achieve a good deal. 

In Danish Cristmas Tree Group we want to see all three parties as winners. A term we are focused on is "win-win for all". It is easy to sell a tree - it is less easy to do it again and again, year after year. It demands respect and understanding of each party's wishes and interests. 

When you do business  with Danish Cristmas Tree Group you deal with family productions developed and refined through decades. These are passionate families who have produced Christmas trees with dedication and honesty, year after year. And honesty is a key word. With honesty we are all in the same boat with a common mission to win the trust of our clients and meet their expectations.  

And yes - a deal is a deal, regardless of the size of your order. At Carlslund Plantation and as a member of Danish Chritmas Tree Group everyone is welcome.





 Carlslund Plantage

Made by Danish nature

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