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It all started in 1982 on the initiative of Mr. Peter Glud after a strong storm had damaged heavily the forrest of the farm. New ideas were needed and Peter decided to enter into production of Christmas trees.

Now - after 30 years - we can look back upon the results; What started as an experiment has been subject to constant expansion ever since, and has converted the previous cornfields into lush green fields perfectly suited for production of Christmas trees. The objective is the same since the beginning; To supply first class Nordmann Christmas trees.   

Carlslund Plantage


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None are good at everything. But through a combined efford we are able to generate the expertise that allows us to deliver high quality products to our clients. That is the experience we have gained since the beginning 30 years ago when we started selling our Christmas trees.

Jørgen Glud has taken over the responsibility from his father Peter Glud who started it all in 1982. He has been brought up from the same philosophy and the attitude and respect for nature is an engrained part of the family history. 


Our mission remains the same:
  • To supply premium quality trees produced with respect for nature.
  • To continuously expand and improve our production

You can select from Carlslund Plantation

From 50 Ha of Nrdmann christmass trees you can select any age or quality. Our dedicated staff are trained and ready to help our appreciated clients.


Have we awaken your interest?
We sincerely hope so and if you would like to know more and see more we invite you to come and visit us. We are ready to arrange a visit to any of the membes of the Christmas Tree Group and assist you with the practical details of yours and your clients' visit. 


You know your client best. Therefore you are welcome to select and categorize yourself the trees of your selection.



All our trees are sorted according to their height and visual quality. According to these parameters they are divided into three classes - prime, elegant and noble. As much as possible we allow the trees to do their own job. Our part of the job is to nurture their growth and protect nature with as little manipulation as possible. 


We like to compare our production of Christmas trees with the production of good wine: Our work ends after 8-10 years of dedicated work with the sale and delivery of our trees to our clients. From "birth" the tree requires care and attention to grow strong and symmetrical. This is in everyones interest in order to avoid unnecessary loss. Through close cooperation with selected plant consultants we secure genuine breeds and identity the plant material of the highest quality to allow us to grow the most genuine and original Nordmann trees.


I hope you will be well informed with our web page. If you have questions  please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jørgen Glud




 Carlslund Plantage

Made by Danish nature

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