Danish Christmastree Group

The Group solutions


We are a group of 9 producers in the region of East Jutland in Denmark. See map.

We have one clear mission: To deliver top quality Christmas trees.

Our advantage as a group is that we can meet any demand when it comes to trees of different sizes. We can deliver perfect trees regardless if you are looking for open, dense, wide or narrow trees.


To deliver quality products is a precondition we take for granted. It needs not be discussed. The same goes for trustworthiness and mutual trust. These are qualities we cherish and take seriously when working with each other in the group, with our partners and suppliers and with our clients.

Yes, for you we can take care of everything…

This is easy to say and promise, but we sincerely belive we can take care of everything for you. And yes, we are aware that eyes see things differently, Christmas traditions differ from country to country and from region to region. And with different Christmas tradtions come different demands for Christmas trees.

For us this is not a problem. We can deliver according to your wishes. 

So allow Danish Christmas Tree Group to assist you to optimize your sourcing. We want to be a front runner on the new trends and the latest knowledge on plant breeding. And we make an efford to achieve this: Out of seasion we travel all over Europe and in Denmark we cooperate with leading forest rangers and plant breeding specialists. Furthermore, through Danish Christmas Tree Group each member has access to the latest cultivation equipment and educated plant nurturing staff.




 Carlslund Plantage

Made by Danish nature

Karlsbergvej 53 - Askildrup - 8940 Randers SV - Denmark

Tlf: 4050 9799 - jg@carlslund-plantage.dk